Corpus of annotated French reflexive verbs

Authors : Lucie Barque, Marie Candito and Richard Huyghe

The project : building on previous existing classifications, we designed a classification for French verbs bearing a reflexive clitic “se”, intended to be precise enough so that we could actually classify corpus occurrences using explicit linguistic tests.

Annotation guide

We have designed an annotation guide (in French) during a preliminary annotation phase. We then annotated occurrences of verbs bearing a reflexive pronoun “se”, extracted from the French Treebank.

Resulting corpus

The resulting corpus contains 900 occurrences, annotated into 13 categories.

It is freely available, under the LGPL-LR licence.


If you use the corpus or need more information, please refer to:

Barque Lucie, Candito Marie and Huyghe Richard, 2019, La classification des verbes pronominaux à l’épreuve d’une annotation en corpus, to appear in Les formes réfléchies du verbe : aspects théoriques et approches empiriques, Langages, n° 216, dec. 2019. preprint version